Top features of Android 7.0 Nougat Update

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Get to know the very top features of the latest released Android Update 7.0 Nougat

in order to decide if it is worth updating or you will want back your original Android.

There is no doubt that Android Nougat is not the best update in the world or a new discovery, but now in 2017  the 7th edition of the big boy Android is becoming a part of most smartphones but updating- upgrading your regular operation system Android to Android 7.0 Nougat is definitely optional.

Nougat was actually introduced as an enhancement to the regular features in the Androids 5 and 6 and this update will not be coming with perfect visual or functional evolutions, but it generates a lot of expectation in those who can already update.

Before you get to decide if you are going to download the update and bearing with all the trouble of installing a custom ROM, in this post we will be giving you every possible detail about Nougat update and the differences between Android 7.0 and 5-6.

By the way remember that for some smart devices, a newer version of Google’s OS is released. Check it out on Android 8 O

The Notifications Are Smarter:

Without the need of opening the application you will have possibility to drag down the notification and reply back to the contacts you want only.

Android notifications were changed in both earlier updates of 5.00 Lollipol and 6.0 Marshmallow but Android Nougat 7.0 changed them dramatically and brought a brand new concept to the notifications enabling some other features such as; expanding an application, answering them or even ignoring as all the notifications from the same application are grouped in a single spot.

What is actually even better is that with that update, with a click only, you wont be creating a duplicate icon and your main screen and the other pages would look much better and more organized this way and you really get rid of the mess.

Another new feature of the Android 7.0 is that there will be a button for closing all the applications running

Just hit the button and clear or delete or the running processed.
Actually it should have been easier to do this before but in Nexus devices and the regular Android, the only one button to close all applications in the background did not exist for quiete a long time.

More setup shortcuts

If you used  Android version 4.4. before and ever felt the necessity for a separation between shortcuts and notifications, Nougat 7.0 version of Android is definitely perfect for you.

Setting  an image for the lock screen

One of the best features of the 7th edition of Android is the ability to set up an image easily for the lock screen in Nougat while it was only possible in the earlier versions 4.4 -5 and 6 to go deep into the settings or even installing a gallery application on your smartphone.
Now just hold and drag the Nougat will ask you at the end if you want to use the image for your lock screen besides your home screen / main screen.
Multi-window and fast switching features
Two more very useful features are that- and that Android Nougat ‘inherited’ from other developers – are multi-window and fast-switching features for open software. From now on, it’s already possible to split a single screen into two applications, just like on Samsung devices and Windows computers.
As if that were not enough, you can still switch between the last two softwares displayed on the screen by pressing the multi-task button twice.
Save your data and protect your franchise
Quite controversial, ‘Doze Mode’ was introduced in Android 6.0 in order to prevent background apps from running their battery. Whether you want it or not, the initiative has worked, and the Android developer team has decided to expand the functionality for your internet as well: enable Data Saver and prevent ‘glutton’ applications from connecting to the network when they are not open.
Of course, in the settings you can define which applications can block this block, it’s even important that you do this because the new feature works even on Wi-Fi. So always remember to treat your e- Mail and the most important messengers.
Change the pixel density of your screen
In addition to the font size, now you can also increase or decrease everything that is displayed
Screen density or PPI – as it is known in the acronym in English – is the parameter that defines how many pixels exist in each inch of an electronic display. Although it is not possible to change this value in the hardware of the device, the function allows the contents displayed on the screen to be reduced or enlarged.
Changing the density of the screen can not only make the display more enjoyable but also more accessible to those who are visually impaired.
Avoid insomnia with a blue light filter
Blue light filters have become a popularity in recent months


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