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OnePlus 2 Will Not Receive Android Nougat 7.0.0 Update

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The bad news has recently arrived from the company directly that Oneplus 2 unfortunately will not be getting the so waited Android Nougat update.

oneplus2 android nougat 7 updateThe last week the owner himself of the Chines smartphone company Oneplus– a widely used smartphone world wide – commented and confirmed that the famous and hoped Android Nougat Update eventually will not arrive to Oneplus 2 devices. The owners of Oneplus 2 smartphones will be very disappointed by the news but since it is offically confirmed and verified unfortunately it is for sure. Even the worse about this is while the primary marketing efforts, the Chinese company Oneplus had promised that their devices will always be up to date and will be using the latest versions of Android including Nougat and many people were waiting for the good news when finally arrived the bad one.

Oneplus 2 Not Getting Android Nougat Update Neither 7.0.0 nor 7.1.1

When many people were wondering when will Oneplus 2 be getting Nougat version of Android 7.0.0, it is offically confirmed now that it will never recieve the update.


What would happen if Oneplus 2 Had Gotten Android Nougat Update? What Features Would It have While It does not have Now?

As it comes in all Android Nougat updates devices, there would be multi-windows functions which would allow to open two windows at a time in the same window.

Smart notifications where you could change all your notitifications by one click would be a part.

Over 200 emoji with almost 100 new ones would come with Nougat update

Doze on the Go for the battery saving –

and many more.

So, if you want to have a smartphone with Android Nougat Update other than Oneplus 2, you can take a look at Samsung Galaxy j7 Prime Android Nougat Update 7.0.0 and 7.1.1

or you can buy a new one here with very good prices

Remember that one plus 2 is a 16 GB smartphone of a Chinese company that is sold wit reasonable prices on the market, running at the moment on Android 5.1 Lollipop and with OxygenOS interface!

Unfortunately the status of Android Nougat 7 upgrade does not seem promising for Oneplus 2


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