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New Panic Button Available on Android Nougat Powered Devices

Panic Detection Mode o Nougat 7.1 For Detecting Malicious Softwares:

A new feature that comes with smart devices that run on Android 7.1 version of Nougat is missed by all the users of Nougat phones until the day XDA developers found it out and made further investigation about the utility of the same.

It is something very similar to the classical panic button that helps phone users to avoid falling into malicious application networks.

In the new Android Nouhgat 7.1 version, this panic button is officially called panic detection mode and it makes – forces users to exit from malicious apps very fast.

Although there is a small chance that this new panic detection feature of Nougat 7.1 would annoy some users if it interferes with everything, it will be of a good utility for many people for sure.

If the user presses the back button several times – probably more than 3 times or more in less than 5 seconds of less, the application which seems malicious will be thrown away automatically and the user will be taken back to the home screen of their devices.

What is This New Panic Button Feature of Android 7.1 Nougat?

Actually this new feature is called “panic detection mode”, and it is a features of Android 7.1 that helps users to exit malicious applications quickly. According to XDA Developers, this feature tracks how many times the user presses back button within a certain period of time. Four button presses in 3 seconds or less will activate this secret mode and will then void the application and take the user back to the home screen.

Many of you must have had this experience; trying to open an application or een a webpage but a pop up shows up saying that your phone is infected. The phone is shaking as if it was ringing in vibration mode, you try to go back but you can not.. Sometimes you are not even given the chance of turning your phone off.. If your phone’s battery is removable, then you have luck. If not, what will you do when you are stuck in that page.


With this new Android Nougat feature, you dont have to worry because as soon as the panic detection mode is activated by your going back attempts, you will be taken back safely to your home screen and you can continue navigating through your phone for finding the application that causes you trouble and get rid of it!

Google is continuously working on security issues for all of its products which are countles; from gmail to Android.. But the hackers or malicious software developers too. So Android Nougat 7 will definitely help users but development and improvement for a better one will always be necessary since the only developing one is not Google itself.



Updated: July 13, 2017 — 1:40 pm

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