List Of Samsung Phones to Get Android 8.0 / Android O Oreo

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Android Oreo Update for Samsung Devices:

Android Oreo Android 8 List of Samsung DevicesSamsung is a company who started to update its devices regularly and fastly and Android 8.0, the latest Android OS version of Google also called Android O has already arrived to many Samsung smart phones and tablets while many people were still waiting for Nougat 7.0 update for Samsung.

Samsung devices which are very good and the samsung company which is one the worlds stars about smart devices especially phones, althoug being a bit weak about future software supports, every passing day is getting better about this as well and this time, Samsung was even faster than anytime before and any other company and announced which devices will receive latest version Android 8.0 ad which would never get the Android O update.

android 8.0 O samsung
Android Oreo Update Samsung List
Samsung is really good at updating Android versions for its high priced phones but this time we think low-end devices with very reasonable prices will also be releasing the Android 8.0 updates even the ones did not release Nougat 7.0 will most probably upgrade to 8.0 Oreo.



Samsung Android 8.0 Update Information

( Some devices will receive Android O for sure, some with great possiblities while some would never receibve them but since Samsung can change its mind anytime, if you own one of those devices for which te update will not be available,keep an eye on our website for a possible surprise )

Release Date of Android Oreo for Samsung Devices
Android 8 Oreo update status for Samsung Smartphones

Samsung Devices To Upgrade to Android 8.0 O for Sure

  • Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 which is operated by Android Nougat 7.0 version at the moment will for be one of the first Samsung phones to receive Android Oreo update viagra prisfald.

  • Galaxy S8+

Just like Galaxy S8, S8plus is a model that is operated by Nougat 7 at the moment is a frontrunner candidate for a possible Android Oreo update and it is even more possible to receive Android 8.0 lot before the other Samsung devices on the market.

  • Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo Update Status

Galaxy Note 8 is for sure one of the first Samsung phones that will be enabled for downloading and installing Android 8 Oreo since it already runs on Android Nougat 7.1

  • Galaxy S7 Android Oreo Update Status

Galaxy S7 is a smartphone that will for sure receive Android 8.0 update some day but since by dafault it still is operated by an even earlier version of Android ; Marshmallow 6.1 and although it is upgradable to Nougat, chances that it might receive Oreo very soon is slightly less than others that are indicated above.

  • Galaxy S7 Edge  Android Oreo Update Status

It is a Nougat phone. Although by default Galaxy s7 Edge is operated by Marshmallow version, Samsung Galaxy Edge is upgradeable to Nougat which makes it easier to receive Android Oreo in a near future although it is unlikely to upgrade to Android 8.0 before 2018.

  • Galaxy S7 Active Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy A7 (2017) Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy A5 (2017) Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy A3 (2017)  Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy J7 (2017) Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy J5 (2017) Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy Note FE Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy Tab S3 Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy C9 Pro Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy C7 Pro Android Oreo Update Status

  • Galaxy J7 Prime Android Oreo Update Status

J7 Prime phones will be enabled to be upgraded to Nougat 7.0 very soon probably within several weeks from now on so it would not be very unrealistic to say it might get the Oreo 8 update as well in a near future and Samsung brand may rush even more for this upgrade since the users of J7 Prime waited too long for Noughat and they are already pissed off. So they would not stay behing the technology and may switch their phones if they dont rush Android 8.0 update for J7 Prime.

Samsung Devices That Might Get the Oreo Update of Android

  • Galaxy A9 Pro Android 8 Update Status

  • Galaxy A8 (2016) Android 8 Update Status

  • Galaxy J7 (2016) Android 8 Update Status

  • Galaxy J5 (2016) Android 8 Update Status

  • Galaxy J3 (2017) Android 8 Update Status

  • Galaxy Tab S2 (2016 model) Android 8 Update Status

  • Galaxy Tab A (2016 model) Android 8 Update Status

Samsung Devices That Are Unlikely to Receive Android Oreo:

  • Galaxy S6 serisi

  • Galaxy Note 5

  • Galaxy A7 (2016)

  • Galaxy A5 (2016)

  • Galaxy A3 (2016)

  • Galaxy J3 (2016)

  • Galaxy J2 (2016)

  • Galaxy J1

Are you owning one of these Samsung smartphones and are eager to learn about the Android 8.0 update? let us know in the comments.

Or if you are one of those who are still waiting for Android 7 update coming to your Samsung phone, for the latest news, please remember checking our page on Samsung Nougat update list in this page

Features of Android Oreo Update in Samsung Devices

The most common features of Android 8 update for Samsung devices are listed below although there is a possibility that there may be slight differences between models!

The eighth version comes with a highly demanded feature and we have already been able to see in the version of iOS for iPad: picture-in-picture. In this way, it will be possible to run two applications on the screen at the same time (for example, watching a YouTube video while chatting in WhatsApp), an ideal feature for devices with large screens, squeezing the possibilities of it.


Alongside this, another of the most interesting features is the new notification management, a section that has always been criticized in previous versions of the system. Now the applications will have a notification indicator on the icon and, by making a long press on it, will show them directly, being able to interact with them. It looks like a good alternative to the current 3D Touch (recognition of the levels of pressure on the screen) offered by Apple in its latest iPhone models.

Android 8.0 also implements new ways of privacy and security, an aspect that is becoming increasingly more relevant to users. It will incorporate Google Play Protect so that the overall security of the system and that of each particular application help minimize the risk of having any problem with the device, adding options to help find the terminal if it is lost or facilitate its return to the owner .

Android Oreo update information for Samsung devices will be kept fresh as much as I can keep it. Help me to keey alive this blog by sharing, comfmenting etc. Thank you


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