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List of Meizu Devices to Get Android Nougat Update

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The Chine smartphone device Meizu is releasing Android Nougat update soon. Finally Meizu smartphones will be able to upgraded to Android 7.0 after registering to the firm for the update to its terminals. The beginning date for available registrations to Meizu is thr 25 th of June meaning it has already started and is about to finish since the latest application for Android Nougat upgrade for Meizu is the 2nd of July.

meizu android nougatList of All Meizu Phones To Receive Android Nougat 7.0 andd 7.1.1 Update:

  • Meizu Pro 6
  • Meizu Pro 6 Plus
  • Meizu Charm Blue Note 5
  • Meizu Charm Blue Note 3
  • Meizu Blue Charm E
  • Meizu Charm Blue Max
  • Meizu Pro 6s
  • Meizu Pro 5
  • Meizu MX6

After registering for the programme, the users will be able to upgrade their devices to Android Nougat gradually depending on their gsm operator and their country.  With the arrival of Noughat, Flyme 6 OS will also be available for Meizu users.


The Features of Android Nougat Update in Meizu Devices:

Just like many other devices with Android 7, Meizu users will also be enjoying many useful, new or improved features on their smartphones amongst which the highlights are first of all the Doze mode which enables the user to save battery power for background running applications. Split-screen mode feature of Android Nougat will also be available since the device is compatible with it.

The notifications will be smarter for reaching them in less number of clicks, being able to silence some of them at all and give priority others and for alarm clock etc.

Of course, the new features coming depend higly on the version of the operating system, and especially if the ROM that you have installed for this update is compatible.

As you many Meizu devices already getting update to Noughat although Android 7 will unfortunately not be availble for Meizu Note 3 which is a very popular model


Steps for Downloading and Installing Flyme 6 OS to Meizu:


flyme meizu android nougat


If you want to enjoy Flyme Options for your Meizu device, here is how you should proceed ..

Meizu devices that are compatible with the Flyme 6 OS :

  • Meizu M3 note,
  • M3s,
  • MX6,
  • M2 Note,
  • MX5,
  • PRO6,
  • M3 Max,
  • MX4,
  • M1 Note,
    MX4 Pro,
  • PRO5,
  • U10,
  • M3E,
  • M2,
  • PRO 6 Plus will be the devices enabled for installing Flyme 6 OS.


First you should be downloading the related Flyme 6 OS OTA zip on your device and migrate it to the memory of your phone.

Secondly, find the zip file and click on it when a message will pop up asking for you to restart your device do it as suggested.. Before restarting your device, make sure Wipe user data section is not ticked or you may end up losing your internal memory files.

When your phone is restarted, the installation will automatically begin and you are ready to go.

You can now use Flyme on your Android Nougat updated Meizu device.

What are the Features of Meizu SmartPhones:

The main feature of Meizu is that it is upgradeble to one of the most popular Android software; Nougat 7.0  🙂



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