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Android 7.0 Nougat Update for Smartphones

List of HTC Phones to get Android 7.0 Nougat Update

HTC is quite transparent most of the time with the plans for Android updates on their smartphones. As soon as a new Android version Nougat is announced, the first plan from HTC is usually known. And we are sure HTC’s developers might have already started working on the Android Nougat update for HTC devices.

Which HTC devices Will Get Nougat 7?

Of all the brands, HTC is the first to let us know which smartphones from the company are going to receive the Android 7.0 update. It was a tweet sent by the company, and as seen in the list below, there are a few phones confirmed to get the update. When will the update be sent? There is no such date given by the company.

HTC Android Nougat Update

HTC Android Nougat Update Info

Do you own one of these HTC smartphones and are awaiting an update to its OS? First, check if your phone already has the Android Marshmallow update or not. If not, you should probably not get the next update. Do comment below if you have more doubts about the same.

Updated: July 4, 2017 — 3:07 pm


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  1. Very good news but when HTC desire 826 is getting nougat updates please confirm.

  2. htc desires 828 will get android 7 updates

    1. Hi.really?how do u know?please tell me

    2. Hi.i have desire do u know will get android 7?please tell me

    3. Are you sure ?

  3. htc desire 820 will going to upgrade to nougat or not? and if yes when? 🙁

    1. htc d820t will going to upgrade to nougat or not?

  4. Will HTC desire 630 get a nougat update?

  5. When my HTC desire 820 upgrade to nougat

  6. I am using HTC one E9+ (Dual SIM) with Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop)
    I have been waiting for Marshmallow update since q1 2016 and now Nougat is there.
    I seriously feel that my model is out of focus for HTC, which is not fair as this model was not cheap and it does have a high configuration.
    feeling like leftover

    HTC no GOOD

  7. myself is using 728 desire. but no updates are there still now. can it be updated to nougat 7.0 and when?

  8. Please give android 7 upgrade for htc one e9 plis dual sim.

  9. Whether HTC desire 628 will get nougat? It’s still on lollipop 5.1.

  10. When my phone HTC desire820 upgrade to nougat tell me

  11. I have the htc desire 10 lifestyle and i didnt get any update for nougat

  12. please give nougat update for htc one ME.I am satisfy with my phone but what purpose Of having a fucking phone with no updates .may be i will shift to huawei .

  13. When will Desire 820 get update???

  14. whats a new software update from my gionee p7 max…??
    whats new version from this phone…??

  15. Please HTC d816 update android 7.0…

  16. I have htc desire 10 lifestyle any information about nougat update

  17. I am using htc e9+ dual sim fone. It has 5.01 lolipop os. I feel that it should have android 6 and followed by android 7 update since it was not cheap phone. HTC has to do some thing to satisfy their customer.

  18. When will my htc728 will be updated.please gave an update as soon as possible.

  19. ..when will HTC gonna rollout D826 N.Update..’seen on the list stated ..devices update Not Confirmed..seriously..

  20. htc desire 816 nougat 7.0 update

  21. HTC one E9+ dual sim phone can update Android 7.1 Nougat ,please confirm

  22. When is the update going to happen on my HTC desires 530 please

  23. 830 dual sim please update

    1. Hi, please check this for HTC Desire 830 nougat info:

  24. I’m using HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle with Android M . Is there any information about the Nougat update for my phone ?

  25. Why you not gave update for HTC e9s plz I want nougat version

  26. is HTC 816 dual sim get Android N?

  27. Please plz plz htc upgrade android 7.0 on my desire 816 dual…

  28. thats really good.. please check on Desire 820 for the update.

  29. Hi. Can u confirm that when would the Android version of htc825 will launch.

  30. I own a htc desire 10 pro and I would like to know if my phone will get the update ir not.

  31. I hope htc desire eye have nougat update

    1. HTC Desire Eye is one of the devices that is excepted to have the Android Nougat update soon. 🙂

  32. Will HTC desire 10 pro get nougat update?

  33. Will HTC desire 10 pro get nougat update?

  34. Thanushka niramana

    Htc one me!! why we haven’t 7.0 update????

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