multi-windows feature for Android Nougat updated devices

How to Use Multi-Windows Feature in Devices With Android Nougat?

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As we already know, one of the best features of Nougat offered by one of the latest Android OS version of Google, is the multi-windows feature – meaning that just like Windows on PC, users will be able to open several windows at the same time seeing them on the same screen.

How to Use Multi-Windows Feature on Your Device With Android Nougat 7

multi-windows feature for Android Nougat updated devicesWith Android 7.0 Nougat we are supposed to be using a new feature that enables us to pages in split screen model but only on some devices with the spesific applications that allow to use this multi-windows feature

But with Android 7.0, now we have possibility to force our Android operated smart device with any application you might want to use even if the app itself is not compatible with the feature.


It is very simple and straight forward:

Force Nougat for multi-windows of any applications:

force nougat split-screen mode

Applications like Pokemon Go is not compatiable with this feature yet for this one or any other not compatible yet, you can force your devices by following a couple of easy steps!


  • Go to Settings Menu on Your Device
  • Scroll down to the Bottom and Select About Phone
  • Scroll down again and click on “build number” You should click/tap it several times, generally more than 5 and less then 10 times and finally a notification will pop up saying that “you are a new developer “
  • Since from that moment, you are a developer, you have a setting menu available for developers which means you have extra control on its customization so you can force it to do anything you might want including frocing Pokemon Go to run on split-screen mode on your Android device with Nougat 7.0.


Now you can continue with Developer Options menu by clicking  “Force activities to be resizable.”.

Once you are done, you are good to go! Just restart your smartphone or tablet.

But please remember that app developers are smart enough to make an application compatible with multi-windows feature. If they did not, there is for sure a reason so by forcing your Nougat operated device to run on split-screen mode, you may end up losing the application so please be just careful.

After you did these easy steps, please comment below so we can see if it works for all the applications. Remember to include in your comment, for which applications you forced your Nougat phone for multi-windows..if it worked or not!


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