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Android 7.0 Nougat Update for Smartphones

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List of Gionee Phones to get Android 7.0 Nougat Update

Gionee Software Update: phones which are expected to receive the latest Android OS, Nougat 7 and Android Marshmallow update!!

the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been quite active in launching smartphones in different price ranges but the activity in pushing out the Android updates is not the same. Most of the Gionee phones have Amigo OS, the custom ROM from the company that is modified from Android OS.

The things have been so bad for the Gionee smartphone users that they rarely see any major Android update on their phones, though regular Amigo updates are seen. Even the flagship phones are stuck on Android Lollipop and Marshmallow update is awaited, so seeing the newer phones too getting the latest Nougat update is just an over-expectation, to be frank.

For now, the arrival of Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Gionee Phones will be more than enough for most of its users.

Especially some models like gionee f103 marhsmallow update is highly expected.

Gionee M5 Lite Update Marshmallow is highly expected too.

But the users of Gionee phones are already excited about the latest google android version; Oreo 8 although it is not very likely that Gionee phones receive Android Oreo update while many of the models still waiting for Android Nougat or even Marshmallow 6.0 updates.

Gionee Android Nougat Update

But, we will try to contact Gionee and see how well does they do with the Android Nougat update.

Gionee Android Nougat Update Info


The model that was launched on september 2015 is running on Android 5.1 Lollipop at the moment and an update to Marshmallow for F103 is expected withi the several months because the phone finally expected to get Nougat as well but we assume that it is nt going to happen anytime before 2018.

Gionee hopefully should offer good timely updates for Android Nougat version. If not, it will be an utter disappointment when the company is not offering good software support.


  1. sunny kashyap

    why is it so ? why don’t i upgrade to naugat ?i m using gionee f103 with 2gb ram

  2. sunny kashyap

    plzzzzzzzzzz rply

  3. Rajib

    Gionee S6s will receive 7.0 update

    • GHOST

      i hope brother can’t beleave there a no update to nougat 7 even other device receive it

  4. Nishant kumar

    I ‘m using elife s plus and i ‘ m nit getting the update app.. ……….

  5. Mayank kachhara

    Same I am also using this phone…

  6. Hemanth Narayan

    may i know that GIONEE S6s will get Android Upgrade Notification or Not.

  7. ajit singh

    I am using gionee 103 pro 3gb ram should I get 7.0 update

  8. ajit singh

    I am using gionee 103 pro 3gb ram should I get 7.0 update in my mob

  9. senapaty

    in f103 pro

  10. Dhruvil Patel

    Why my gionee f103 is not getting nougat android version??

  11. Dhruvin

    Hey I know that f103 will not get update but f103 3gb RAM is capable of update

  12. fakir meher

    M5plus no upgrade

    • Neha ambasta

      Sir ye gionee me new versions kyu ni aata koi updates h. Camera v bouth khrab h.kyu sir kb tk aayga ye sb.

  13. fakir meher

    Please reply how to upgrade android 7.0

  14. Pavitra Kumar Mod

    I want update bohat honee f103 kindly update

  15. Saumya

    Hey, I use Gionee P5L , is it going to get Nougat update ???

  16. Will gionee p7 max get update Android 7.0

  17. David

    Nonsense, why won’t P5W get the update

  18. anurag sharma

    gionne s6, waiting for nougat update

  19. Kaushal

    I am using Gionee s6 pro and my mobile not update nought

  20. Swag

    Need 7.0 in f103

  21. rakesh kumawat

    why my gionee s6 is not getting nougat version

  22. Why my gionee m5 plus not updated marshmallow

  23. Bhavesh

    Why Gionee M5 Plus still not receives the Marshmallow or Nougat android ?

  24. Shreyash Chawle

    Gionee f103. ….waiting for 7.0 Nougat.. .

  25. ѕυnιl

    I’m using Gionee f103 2Gb Rem upgrade in Nougat 7.1.1 °

  26. ѕυnιl

    plzzzzzzzz reply

  27. Akshat

    Plz add update for f103 also

  28. Rohit thakur

    I want.7.0 update for my gionee s plus.. Can i got or not.. .

  29. Ishu

    Please i need upgrade in f103

  30. Naveen chandra

    when will come the update of nougat 7.0 in gionee s plus

  31. Niahant

    What Gionee p7 max upgrade in android 7.0

  32. Nishant

    I want android 7.0 update in gionee p7 max

  33. Magrub kathat

    Gionee s plus update nougat update

  34. Sabit tandan

    Hi iam using gionee p7 max kya mujhe naught upset milega

  35. Udit padia

    I am using gionee f103 pro 3gb ram marshmallow version.will it capable of receiving naugut. I think……

  36. Prince

    Please get me Send update on gionee p5w Naught 7.0 pls pls pls pls

  37. Prince

    Gionee p5w is waiting for update of naugat gionee p5w is marshmallow already pls snd naugat update in gionee p5w

  38. Ravi

    Plz give the new 7.0 update for gionee f103 . Plz plz I am requesting plz

  39. Xyz

    How to upgrade android 7.0 in gionee f103 pro

  40. Ankit

    My phone is gionee F103 2GB ram give how to update my phone

  41. Ankit

    I am use gionee F103 2GB ram

  42. shubhamgupta

    I am using splus but I have not receive new update.
    And I also have a problem when I update this into a marshmallow any kind of accesibily will close automatically after few second like all apps clean master, flash light alert, app lock and many more if anyone have solution so please tell me.

  43. Gionne s plus kad update hoga

  44. Gudahal singh

    I use gionee m5 when update 7 is available


    Will Gionee F103 PRO get the update to 7.o ??

    • rohit thakur

      I have gionee s plus. Plz give 7.1 nogat update..

  46. Abhay

    Gionee f103 pro

  47. Narala Nihal Roy

    Will I get the update of nougat 7.0 for gionee S6s I need it very badly plzzzz notify me as soon as possible plzzzzz

  48. Deepanshu

    please make a gionee p5l update

  49. Deepanshu

    please reply my comment

  50. vaibhav dharamkar

    Gionee m5 lite. 6.0 update

  51. Manni

    Hi there I am using f103 pro is there any nougat update

  52. yash

    f103 pro me kab upadate ayega

  53. Sir Gionee m5plus me Android 7.0 Kub hoga update please reply

  54. Hi I’m Bashudev bastola from Bahundangi-5 jhapa Nepal . I have also this phone

  55. dhiraj singh

    how to update gionee m5 lite to its latest version…plz mail me the link and process

  56. Hitesh panchal

    Sir gionee m5plus me Android 7.o kab tak update hoga ? Please reply

  57. Neha ambasta

    Post krne se kya fayda koi sunta hi ni h.kewal mobil ke bare me lt likhte h ki us phon me ye h wo h..mob .v bouth hit krta h.sbse bekar mob.h gionee ka.i heat gionee

    • rushi

      R8 ekdam sahi bola sab bakwas future hai I hate Gionee company and go to hell gionee future to sab bakwaas hai Kuch bhi achha nhi hang bhi hota hai

  58. Gokul k

    Gionee m5 lite me android 7.o kub
    hoga please reply

  59. Gokul k

    Gionee m5 lite me android 7.0 kub hoga update please reply

  60. Prince

    Pls send me on gionee p5w naugat update am waiting pls send me

  61. Insan

    What about gionee marathon M5 ?

  62. Parshwa

    M3 please

  63. nimesh

    Plz download noiget f103

  64. rushi

    Why not update noguht version plz fast update noghut version I am using Gionee f103

  65. shyam

    Gionee f103 me kab doge update

  66. Aditya

    Will Gionee s plus have android version 7.0??

  67. parth

    Plz updrade marshmallow in gionee p5l

  68. Parshotam Sudan

    I am using gionee s6 phone. Please update Android 7.0 for this phone.

  69. Parshotam Sudan

    Update 7.0 for gionee s6

  70. Devsaini

    How update to Gionee s6s update naugot officially update

  71. Jagdish Naruka

    I’m using gionee 103 pro and please send me the link for nougat update.

  72. somit

    My phone p5l is not updating

  73. Amritpal singh

    In witch month nougat update on gionee f103 pro

  74. opeyemi

    Gionee only think about their pockets. They neglect their old expensive phones by not upgrading them to latest OS. Very poor indeed! The last time I contacted them they said there was no scheduled update for gionee Marathon m5 but once they have I will be notified. my phone still stocks followed come OS (Lollipop 5.1). I regretted I bought gionee Marathon m5 (International version).

  75. Rajveer Singh

    Sir, what date in release nougat in gionee p5l

    • Editorial Staff

      Using custom rom update methods, you can already update your Gionee P5 device to Android nougat 7.1.. Cheers

  76. Bobby

    I have M5 should I get update 7.0 ?

  77. mukesh sairkar

    Hi, I am using m 5 please update android 7.0

  78. i need Gionee s8 update nougat 7.0 plz

  79. Mk khan

    Gionee s plus main kab aayega nought update
    Abhi tak koi bhi update nhi aaya hsu

  80. hritik

    what about f103 naught update can i get

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