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The Best Free Android Applications For Instant Messages Videocalls

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We made a complete list of the best free android applications of all times for sending instant messages. Some of you for sure know some of them but it is a sure thing that we have compiled the best complete list of Android applications for free that deserve to be downloaded to your Andro OS smart phones and other smart devices and start sending im’s to your contacts, make international calls for free.

Please after reading our post about the most popular free Android apps, comment below which of those you are already using and happy with! And also if anything not on the list comment us to include it!

the best free android applicationsList of the Very Best Free Android Messenger Applications


Free applications In google play store, there are thousands if not millions of android applications that are downloaded daily free of cost in year 2017 as well. Some of them comes free for their full versions and for a life time while the ones that are released by relatively smaller companies or individuals offer either a trial version of the application for free and ask for payment after using it on your Android device for some time – when you get used to it and when a moment comes when you will not be able to give up – or a similar strategy is applied offering the app for free and asking you to pay for possible upgrades for it.

Before we go any further, we would like to clarify well that the version of the Android OS that your smartphone uses at the moment only affects the usability features of the apps but at the moment, except a couple of software related applications, all the most common and  2017’sbest applications of Android- free or paid ones – are offered for any version of Android; Nougat, Android 8.0, Marshmallow 6, Lollipop or any other previous one!


free videocall and chat applications of Android

Best Android Applications for Chat and Video Calls for Free Download

Some of these best free apps for Chats and Videocalls are not only available for Android OS but also for Windows and IOS as well. But these are completely free monetizing only by ads. For messenger purposes for free these applications are the best!

Popular Free Android Applications 2017:

  • Skype For Android App:

download skype for android for freeSkype is a free videocall and instant messenger which is a world-wide known and loved applications which was offered for desktops with Windows many years ago even before the word Android evet existed. It has always been free and we are hoping it will continue to be so.

With Skype app, you can create groups up to 300 people and make free group phone calls up to 25 people.


  • Whatsapp Messenger:

We guess that at the moment, Whatsapp is the foremost popular and the most downloaded ever free Android application for messenger purposes.

It is a free messaging application and it uses internet connection – wifi or mobile connections – for its operation, you can make phone calls nationally or internationally without having to pay even an additional penny.. With whatsapp you can send voice notes, images, videos, documents, automatically add contacts that already have this application downloaded or invite them.., Send and receive messages from your computer as well with web.whatsapp and, create groups for families, friends, etc.

Furthermore, whatsapp now has a newer version; whatsapp plus!

Remember that you do need a phone number for using whatsapp but it is possible to run whatsapp in two devices with only one phone number.



  • Google Duo and Google Allo:

Duo is free videocall application that is not only offered for Android but also for IOS. It is a simple free app which does not requiere having a google gmail address.

The main difference between google hangouts and google duo is that hangouts work with your e mail address while DUO is just like whatsapp messenger works with your phone number. It is free and it always will be.

  • Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is the official instant messaging app of facebook itself. Honestly, I personally dont like it at all but it still is very commonly used.


  • Line Messenger:

Witl line messenger you can send messages and call any body in any place completely free, you just need to be connected to the internet via wifi or mobile connection.. You can also create groups of up to 200 people, send voice messages, download and use the stickers and emojis of your favorite characters and the best of all is that you can also use it from your pc. It is available free of cost in more than 60 countries by 2017.

  • Telegram:

The main difference of Telegram to the other instant message and videocall applications that are also offered free is that the capacity of the groups. You can create a group up to 5000 people without paying for it. It also has very high security features.

  • Imo:

Imo is s an internet-powered messaging application,it is free and it does not occupy much of your devices capacity. It is the best feature of Imo messenger I guess.

  • Hangouts:

It is Google’s im application available for Android and IOS users for free. You need a gmail account and phone verified gmail account for running it!

  • Viber:

Create conversation groups of up to 200 people and HD quiality videocalls for free.

  • Wechat:

WeChat is available in more than 80 countries and more than 20 languages.

  • Kick:

With Kik mess. app, you can speak without using a phone number.

  • Snapchat:

Snapchat is for taking funny pictures.


Try all these free Android applications.. and commet below your ideas please!


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