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List of Best Features of Android Nougat

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Best Features of Android Nougat 7 Update of Google

Now that the name of the new OS version from Android; called Nougat 7.0 is confirmed, we now can talk more about it and see what are the best features of Android Nougat. It is not a small update but a major one for Android because it takes us through into the stuff that will make sense in the future.

What Are The Best New Features of Android Nougat Upgrade 7.0 and 7.1?

Here, we list out the best Android Nougat features and what Google has in plans for the Android users. Click on each to read more about it without leaving the page.

  • Project Tango and Daydream VR support
  • New messaging app Allo
  • Android Instant Apps
  • Call and Number Blocking
  • Redesigned Settings menu UI
  • Doze feature for battery saving
  • Data Saver feature to help save data
  • Multi-window feature

Android Nougat

All Important Features of Android Nougat

Project Tango and Daydream VR support

Android 7.0 and the names Project Tango and Dreamday VR will go hand-in-hand, and this is well expected because there are already some smartphones that are being announced with the same, one from Lenovo as well. Google Tango and Daydream are going to be a part of the active tech future and Google Android will have full integration and support with it.

Messaging App named Allo

Google had recently announced two apps that are all about messaging and chatting. One of them is Allo, which is a messaging app with the major feature of it being the inclusion of Google Assistant.

Apart from that, stuff like Encryption will also be included and for signing up, you aren’t using your Google account but a phone number is used. Allo is a different take on messaging, taking inspiration from Facebook and WhatsApp.

Android Instant Apps

This is a savior for every developer and user, together. The feature of Instant loading of apps helps the user test out the app before installing it. This will help developers get lesser bad ratings because the user will know whether to test the app or not by just checking it out there.

For developers, they don’t need to do anything special because the same API can be used for the Android Instant Apps feature to work. This feature will be seen in the Android Nougat OS.

Call and Number Blocking

There are many apps available for this stuff, and there are even some that intelligently notice the spammy numbers and block them without the user having to specify about it. But imagine how things would be when you are able to see the OS doing it for you.

Android Nougat is said to be coming with the call and number blocking feature inbuilt and you will see the OS blocking calls for you once you add the number to the Blocking list.

Redesigned Settings Menu UI

Settings menu has been one of the well organized parts in Android UI but Google is planning to change it big time and it was confirmed in the developer beta versions of Android Nougat. The Settings menu UI is going to get an overhaul and you will be seeing changes in every way, small or big.

Android Nougat Update

Doze feature for battery saving

The Doze feature that works in saving battery and extending the life is not something in the world of Android. It has been used in the Android Marshmallow OS as well, and it has been helping people with the purpose it was launched.

With Android Nougat, the functioning of Doze feature now changes and it makes things better and now more battery will be saved, thanks to this Doze.

Data Saver feature to help save data

Another feature for which there are some apps that you might want to use to get help in saving data network consumption because it costs quite a lot anywhere in the world.

There will be a Data saver feature seen in the Android Nougat OS and this is said to be helping very well in keeping things limited and help save the data on the device.

Multi-window feature

Irrespective of the screen size, if we are able to use two windows at the same time, and that too in the Android OS, it will be an awesome addition. The new version of Android is coming up with this, where you will be able to multitask in a better way.

Using multiple windows at the same time on the same screen was limited to a few interfaces that were custom made by the OEMs, but now with this, the feature will become an integral part of Android OS.

Keyboard themes

A very nifty and neat change to the default Google keyboard here that you can now change the layout, the color of the keyboard, and also change the backdrop of the keyboard if you want. Another good change that is possible in the Keyboard themes is that you can choose to have or remove the borders between the keys.

This is where personalization comes into effect. You had options to change the launcher with an app, but now, keyboard having themes to choose from makes it even more personal and better.

Notifications changes

A full-width design for notifications is what you would observe first in the Android Nougat interface. Not just with the notifications but there are changes even with the quick settings section because you will now see a single strip of important quick settings having smaller icons.

While there are only a total of five icons shown on the top, you can change them and have the ones you use very often.

This list is endless and you could be seeing loads of other new features made in the new OS version from Android Nougat.

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  1. According to what I’ve read on HTC website is NOT to expect 7.0 on the 626s Desire due to it is still waiting to be updated to Marshmallow 6.0
    WELL NOW…I purchased my 626s Desire thru METRO-PCS and OS is 6.0.1 Marshmallow out-of-the-way… does anyone at HTC have a clue to when the upgrade to Nougat 7.0 will be available for my 626s Desire???!!!

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