Android Oreo

Android Oreo to be the next version, i.e. Android 8.0

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Android Oreo Is Launched By Google By 21st of August 2017!

Android version names are decided based on one of the dessert items and that is on an alphabetic order. It has been that since the first version of Android, and right now, we are looking at the Android 7.0 version that is named after Nougat. Now, the rumors state that the next version of Android is going to be called Android Oreo, which is the one starting with the letter O, but there is no confirmation of the same.

Android Oreo

There are a few dessert names with the letter O but one of the Google executives teased the name Oreo and it can be an apt one if we talk about the branding of both, the OS and the brand.

Having said that, the new OS version is said to be in development and you will soon get to know more about it, from the Google I/O 2017 event where the Android OS developer will be detailing about it and talking about the features to expect from the upcoming OS update.

Google’s Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome OS, and Google Play, Hiroshi Lockheimer a.k.a. dcseifert, recently tweeted a picture of an Oreo cake on Feb. 19. Apart from the obvious tease, just how many desserts start with the letter O? The only one that really comes to mind is Oreo.

Another name that can be given to the Android 8.0 is “Oreo Chocolate Cream”. What do you think might be the version name for the Android OS? Are you already excited about it? Comment below. Stay tuned for more updates on Android Nougat and Android Oreo operating system versions.

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