Galaxy J7 Nougat Update

Android Nougat is Just About To Arrive To Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

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Galaxy J7 Nougat UpdateSamsung Galaxy J7 will be receiving Android Nougat 7 Update very soon probably in the upcoming weeks – for sure before the end of 2017 but it is expected to get the upgrade by August or September latest!

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Android Nougat Update Status

J7 Serie model mobile phone of Samsung Galaxy was released in the march of 2016 and it became popular with all the features that it offered. The phone is at the moment, by July 2017 yet is running on Android Marhsmallow 6.0.1 version of Google but the company officially announced that Samsung J7 will soon be enabled to upgrade to Android 7.0 and will officialy be running on very expected Nougat version!!

And the devices which will get the update is not limited to Galaxy J7 2016, also several other models such as Galaxy j7 2015, Samsung v7 prime, J7 Perx and J7 V are the next luckies ones for upgraded to Android Nougat.

Once it is released – although the release date is not known exactly – you will be able to download Nougat right away to your Galaxy J7 2016 device and start enjoying it!

And also Android N 7.0 release date for Galaxy J7 2*15 and 2016 models will definitely be earlier than a popular and most expected model J7 Prime which is expected to get it by October 2017!

Features of Android Nougat in Samsung galaxy J7 2016:

  • Multi window- split screen mode
  • Work Mode Toggle
  • Data Savind Mode On
  • Doze Mode On
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Quick Reply Feature


The Samsung Galaxy J7 has been one of the best seller smartphones of the brand. This year’s version meaning Galaxy J7 2017 is already released but todays news is about Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) which is just about to receive the expected version of Android Nougat.

Although in the last few hours attention begins to focus on Android O, the last version of the operating system of Google, we can not forget that there are still terminals in the market that await their corresponding update to Android Nougat.

Android nougat galaxy j7 2016 Exact Release Date:

At the moment there is no precise information on when is the exact release date of Android 7 update for J7 2016 but it is guessed that within few weeks, many users in many countries will already be getting and downloading it already!

Other Samsung Devices Expected to Receive Nougat Soon:

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is not the only smartphone model that isWiFi Alliance boasting Android Nougat as an OS. The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) as well as a tablet (the Galaxy Tab A 8.0) have been certified by the agency, suggesting that the Android 7.0 update for these devices will also arrive in the upcoming days.

Both phones with Android Nougat have already been seen in the reference lists. So users of the 3 devices may be relieved to know that the arrival of the latest version of Android (remember that Android O is still in beta) is closer than ever.


As for the rest of the smartphone range A, earlier this month we indicated how a filtered report on Samsung’s updates showed how the Galaxy A5 and the A7 2017 will be updated by the end of July. The update has not yet been released but there is still a week to go before the owners of these devices receive the expected software from Google.

Recall that in the case of Galaxy J range, both the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) as well as the Galaxy J5 (2017) and Galaxy J3 (2017) already have Android 7 among its features.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has been one of the best-selling mid-range phones by the Korean manufacturer. When we had the opportunity to analyze it we came to the conclusion that, for value for money, it is one of the best options if you want to buy a cheap Samsung smartphone.

Now, after a long wait, we can confirm that the Galaxy J7 2016 is about to receive an update to Android 7.0 Nougat.

The Galaxy J7 2016 is about to receive Android N
Galaxy J7 2016 buttons

Officially we do not know the update date for the Galaxy J7 2016 since the manufacturer has not given any official information, but through Wifi Alliance we have seen a Galaxy J7 2016 running with the latest version of Google’s operating system, so That sooner or later this update will arrive to Android 7.0 N officially.

We have already seen other models such as the Galaxy A3 2016 or the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 on Wifi Alliance running Android 7.0 N so chances are that these models will soon receive the expected update.

Although it is excellent news that these models of the Korean manufacturer finally receive an update to the latest version of Google’s operating system, it seems a shame that Samsung has taken so long to update these models.

And we are talking about the Galaxy J7 2016, a model with just over a year old and that should have received months ago Android 7.0 N. In this aspect Samsung is not doing things well, more if we consider the amount of Mobile phones sold by the Seoul-based manufacturer a year.

Features and Spesifications of Samsung galaxy J7 2016

Download and install Android Nougat 7 update for Samsung J7 2016 model or other models of Samsung take more than 1 GB size of data so it is highly recommended to use a wifi connection for installation of latest Android N once it is released and your phone is enabled to upgrade. Dont waste your mobile dat



    1. To officially update your J7 Primer to Android Nougat, you should wait the official release of the software by Samsung. Once Nougat is enabled, you will be notified. If it is already released in your country, then you should just go ahead and follow the instructions. Once it is released in the most waited countries, we will publish another post about how to update android 7.0 in samsung galaxy j7 prime

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